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Suggested Harvest Rates

Suggested Harvest Rates

Suggested Harvesting Rates for 2018

Harvester: All Class 6, 7, 8 and 9 Machines are based on having a 40' draper front, P/U reels, road compliant comb trailer (bogie axles/lights/springs/guards), yield mapping & auto steer fitted.

Additional options added such as 4WD, duals, tracks, flex drapers etc are not included in these costings.
Prices outlined below in the table are GST exclusive with fuel to be supplied by the grower.
Prices outlined are based on wheat, in clean standing, dry ground conditions, unloading "on-the-run" into a chaser bin supplied by grower.

Chaser bin: An Hourly Rate of $220.00 per ENGINE HOUR for a minimum 220hp Tractor, 20 Tonne Chaser-Bin and Operator. Fuel to be supplied by the grower.






Suggested Hourly Charge

$580.00 $620.00 $680.00 $720.00

Suggested Rice Harvesting Rates for 2018

For crops with a minimum average yield of 10 tonnes per hectare in "clean standing, dry ground conditions", lasered bays, unloading on-the-run into a chaser bin supplied by the grower with fuel supplied by the grower.

The recommended price is $26.00/tonne ex GST - $28.60/tonne. (inc GST)

Growers & contractors will be prepared to negotiate variations to this price where circumstances warrant i.e. wet ground, lodged crop, NON-LANDFORMED fields. The above suggested hourly rate for each Class sized machine should be the basis of all negotiations.

Suggested harvesting rates along with the Custom Harvesters Cost Calculator will provide information to all in the grains industry an accurate reflection of the real costs of harvesting.

The prices set out or referred to herein are a advised price only and there is no obligation to comply with the Suggested Rates.
Specifications and price subject to change without notice. Valid as at 1st February 2018.

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