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Benefits of employing a Custom Harvesters member

  • Professional approach to your harvesting requirements.
  • Members and their staff are experienced in a wide range of crops and harvesting conditions.
  • Machines are well-maintained and or up-to-date for increased harvesting reliability & productivity.
  • Operators know their machines thoroughly for maximum harvest efficiency.
  • Members are connected to a network with a wealth of experience, advice and backup.
  • Custom Harvesters encourages members to have appropriate insurance cover and will have available copies of the Certificate of Currancy.
  • Custom Harvesters members can supply Harvest Contracts to ensure work to be done & charges.
  • Members will abide by our Code of Conduct which includes the Grasslands Fire Danger Index as the determination of Harvest Ban Periods.
  • Many members will have an OH&S Plan specific for contract Havesters.
  • A wide network of like minded harvesting professionals that can provide support & information to fellow members.
  • Recognition and support from major machinery manufacturers
  • On-going representation into policy development with government transport authorities in regard to harvest machinery on public roads.
  • Association credibility for access to various government departments for representations of member’s problems.
  • Very competitive comprehensive and relevant insurance packages developed for contract harvesters.
  • Discount structures and special offers from suppliers & industry partners
  • Media promotion of the associations benefits to the broader community.
  • Members receive regular newsletters and other communications to keep in touch with information.
  • Provides a forum for professional harvesters to come together to exchange information, address common problems and bring unity of standards and rates.
  • Capacity to find & share contract oportunities for the benfit members business’s.

Quick Contact

Australian Custom Harvesters Inc.
ACH Secretary: Graeme Mulholland
Ph: 0408579832
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.